Sea trials of the Thun Lidkoping

Before a ship can be delivered to its owner, the shipyard needs to do a lot of tests. Most tests can be done in the shipyard. But there are some crucial ones that cannot be done while the ship is idle and all those tests are done during the so-called sea trials.


The performance of the engines, anchors, bow-thruster is tested. The speed and maneuverability of the ship, as well as the working and performance of cargo pumps, tanks, lines, and all their related hard and software, are intensively tested by the yard, under the all-seeing eye of the classification society’s inspectors and owner’s technical representative, called the superintendent.

Time-lapses and photographs

To give you an impression, below I posted some time-lapses and photo’s I took during the trials.

Departure Thun Lidkoping for sea trials from the shipyard to sea

Arrival Thun Lidkoping from sea trials at the shipyard