A day in Shanghai

I was in the rare opportunity to visit Shanghai for a day when I got two days due to holidays in China. I decided to go to Shanghai since in Taizhou, the place I stayed, there was not much interesting for me.

Fantastic view from the hotel room

I booked a room in one of the tallest buildings and stayed on the 47th (of the 65) floor and had a fantastic view of the city. The panoramic shots of the city are made from this room, the only thing was that I didn’t bring a tripod and I had to take the shots through the glass of the window. Therefore the quality of the shots is not that great although they give a good picture of how it was.

View on the Yangtze

I went to the river to make some pictures of the financial center at sunset but apparently, everybody had the same idea. Nevertheless, I could take some nice photo’s although it was hard to move in the vast crowd.

Cricket market, Wu garden, and food market streets

The next day I just strolled the streets on my way to visit the Wu garden and came along a cricket market and some food market streets. As soon as I was a bit out of the center, it became much better with the crowd.