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Ship Ahoy!

My name is Peter Cornelissen and I am a captain as well as photographer with a passion for maritime photography. In my career I have worked on pilot vessels, fishing vessels, coasters, anchor-handlers, tug boats, bulk and general cargo ships, heavy lift and container vessels, hot product tankers. And at this moment I sail as a captain at  MF Shipping Group  on chemical and product tankers of  Thun Tankers. It is this link with the nautical and maritime sector combined with long years of photographic experience which makes my input unique. So I dear saying that I have a “heart of salt”.

Salt blood

I understand that you do not embark with just anybody, I don’t do this myself either. But if you are interested, you can contact me via the contact page and make your wishes knowable. I will then make you an offer in a concrete manner.

straight forward

You own a company in the maritime sector or you are working for one. You want this company and where it stands for to be displayed in a beautiful fashion. Or you are busy with a unique project that will give your company a good status and you want to show this to your customers in a professional way. Or, like me,  you have a connection with shipping and you just want to have nice pictures on your walls…Whatever the reason, you came to the right address!


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