At sea, I often encounter sea life in all forms; fish, birds, and mammals. Unfortunate those encounters do not last long because the ship and the animals are moving fast. But every now and then I get lucky; a bird lands on deck or dolphins are swimming along with the ship or a whale is surfacing for a lungful of fresh air. And sometimes we are at anchor and I can afford to make a small tour while testing the man overboard boat.

Camera action…go!

For these encounters, I usually have a camera ready to grab. Because if you don’t, you are always too late. Although there seems to be an unwritten law about this: As soon as there is no camera available or my attention is required for other matters, you see the most amazing things. I saw illuminating dolphins in the night south of Sri Lanka, full whale jumping out of the water in the Pentland Firth, small fishing boats surrounded by killer whales in Norway and an injured whale attacked by great whites. Of course without my camera at hand.

My portfolio of marine life

Anyway below the shots that I did manage to make.

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