From the place I live towards the entrance of the park, it is a 5 minutes walk.  Most of the times I go there by bicycle so I can get a bit further. The landscapes are varying when you walk along. There are small pinewoods, tree forests, freshwater lakes, sandhills, and beaches. All together a beautiful park and a good relief from the heavy industries that are also close to my place.


You can find quite some animals here, deer, rodents, predators, birds, lizards, bats, and human placed large livestock like Scottish-highlands ox, Konik horses, wisent and Shetland ponies. If you know where to find them and at what times they are active, you might see some during a hike. Today I got lucky to see some. Although it is another discipline to get a decent shot.

Zuid-Kennemerland National Park

The dunes are stretching all the way along the west coast of the Netherlands and protecting the land against the sea. They are also used to filter water and produce drinking water from it. The protectors of this park have their own website which you can visit if you click here.


On this particular nice day for the time of the year, I shot a few aspects of the landscapes you can find so close to my home. I posted them here.