This is yet another part of the park in my backyard

I wander around from time to time, sometimes every day and then a period not. But always something new.

Zuid Kennemerland National Park

This park is situated only 5 minutes walking away from where I live in Holland. I use to walk and cycle there a lot, mainly together with my wife in the evening times and almost never without a camera. This is as long as daylight is allowing us since the park is closed between sunset and sunrise. In time, I have taken a lot of photos here and will probably take a lot more. The best shots are still to be made.

Wildlife photo safari from my backyard

I shot various “wildlife” pictures as well as landscapes and flora. You’ll find a recent selection in the gallery below. I will probably post more of these types of images because I like to take them. So follow up guaranteed!

Below is a nice description, I quoted from Wikipedia. Follow this link to visit their site.

The Zuid-Kennemerland National Park was established in 1995. It comprised De Kennemerduinen, several nature reserves managed by Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, and some other areas.[3]

The park is situated west of Haarlem in the province of North Holland in the west of the Netherlands. It is located within the municipalities of Bloemendaal, Velsen, and Zandvoort. It includes the southern portion of the region known as Kennemerland.

South Kennemerland is characterized by sand dunes. The park, about 38 square kilometers (15 sq mi) in size, also includes some estates, forests on the dune fringes, and coastal beaches. The dunes used to be a watershed for the city of Haarlem. Large amounts have been won for consumption. In 2003, these activities were ceased, allowing the groundwater bubble to grow again. There is a small public swimming area open in the summer at a location called the Wed on the road between Bloemendaal and Zandvoort. The train from Zandvoort to Amsterdam travels through the park.

The park borders and is connected with the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen) another big reserve owned by Amsterdam. This reserve is about the same size, with a similar ecosystem and wildlife; together they form one big dune ecosystem.