A magical night

Here I post some photos and a video I took from the bulbous bow in the night in the north sea. Seeing this phenomenon is special and feels kind of magical too.

Bioluminescence bacteria

The blue is called dinoflagellates glow and is a form of bioluminescence. The color is how it is picked up by the sensor of my camera but actually, it strikes me more like a kind of greenish. Hard to tell since the light is quite faint and colors difficult to distinguish in the night.

Night photography

Making pictures in the night is a bit more difficult than photographing in the daytime. You need a tripod and long shutter times. On board, the challenge is even bigger because you are on a moving object (the ship). This makes a tripod useless and high iso values and a very steady hand are a necessity.

This means that the number of shots made to produce a useful one is normally about ten times higher.