Too bad to anchor

I shot this footage during a hurricane storm of the SW coast of the UK.

The Thun Gothenburg, which was in ballast and under inert gas condition during the shot,  is a tanker owned and operated by Thun Tankers and managed by MF Shipping  Group and of which I am captain at this moment. 

We were awaiting shore readiness in Pembroke, UK. Obviously, the weather was to bad to anchor or go inside the port.

Since no shelter is available during Westerly storms like this one, we had to drift and “ride” the storm until conditions (3 days later!) were good enough to anchor.

Hurricane video

Normally I take pictures and only every now and then I realize that I also can take videos with my DSLR camera. When I was taking pictures of all these natural forces I realized that it didn’t quite catch the movement and noise and I tried to film it. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram and it became an immediate success. So I guess that my job isn’t quite as normal as I most of the times experience it.

Beaufort 12

During this video shot the wind was 63 knots and gusting up to 76 knots (140km/hr) and the waves had an estimated height of 10 to 12m. This is force 12 on the scale of Beaufort and winds can be much stronger than the one I experienced in this video. Nevertheless, I am happy this ended all well and during the following weeks storm after storm has passed but luckily without these extremes.


Of course, the weather is always a huge influence on my daily job operations and this is only one of the types of weather you can encounter on board.  For more weather-related posts or pictures you can use the search function in my site.