Apprentice Rob van Veen

This is a photo story I took from our apprentice Rob who did his time on board the Thun Gothenburg last contract.

A part of the comments he had about I post here:

I am being trained as apprentice maritime officer, as well on deck as in the engine room.

Although I find the work and environment inside the engine room very interesting, my real passion lies with the work of a deck officer.

I like to be busy with maintenance, cargo and mooring operations and other work on deck. Whether it is raining, freezing, windy or sunny, I don’t mind too much.

I love it being busy with the navigation on the bridge. Or working in the ship’s cargo control room, where the loading or discharging the vessel takes place.

Also, the drills are a very valuable experience and quite often fun to do!

Recently we did some fire drills, boat drills, enclosed space, and oil spill exercises and we were instructed how to use safety and rescue equipment. All in all, I can say a very good experience indeed.

The best part of the day I find the sunrise or sunset which are beautiful and every time different from the other days; they make me feel good.

I really enjoy every moment on board and I like the relaxed atmosphere and the social gatherings with the ship’s crew.