Milford Haven and Pembroke in parts

Since I so often visit here, I decided to dedicate more than 1 post to these harbors. The text is the same but let the pictures speak for themselves…

Visiting the port of Pembroke

As a captain of sea-going tankers, I often do visit Pembroke. This is mostly at the Valero refinery. Since Milford Haven is the opposite of it and has some jetties of the refinery there as well, I get to see a lot of Milford Haven too.

It is nice to see the different moments of the day, the ever going on shipping, and the changing seasons. Never a dull day I would say.

View from the bridge

Whenever I have the opportunity, I make some photos. Almost always from the ship, I work on at that moment. Nothing very special to me, but I learned over time that my view is literally very different from most people’s.