The opening shot is a triptych of the Thun Gothenburg during the maintenance done in the Falkenberg shipyard. The docking took 9 days and the shots are roughly taken 3 days apart from each other. Later on, I combined these shots in Photoshop to a triptych.


The docking period of ships is mainly for doing maintenance and inspections. The interval between dockings is normally about 2,5 years. The maintenance and inspections done in the dry dock are normally more extensive and can only be performed with the ship out of the water. Jobs like cleaning and painting the hull for instance. Inspecting the anodes, underwater sensors, propellers, rudders, and the overall state of the plating and hull etc.etc. are routine jobs.

Paint job

Over here a selection of shots I took, in between all the many extra jobs I had to do, of the routine docking of the Thun Gothenburg. Since the sip still had the “old” color blue, this opportunity was taken to paint her into the “Thun Green”.