Night photography becomes quite normal when you are working 24/7.

At first, I didn’t want to make photographs at night since my camera was not so advanced when I was boosting the lSO value, the noise became so disturbing that I couldn’t see the details in the picture anymore. It took me two camera upgrades to finally have satisfactory results. And then, of course, the lenses are also of big influence as a rule of thumb you can say the more expensive they are the better the results, which of course sucks.

Liverpool UK, Gladstone lock

This picture was taken when we just left the lock and the tugboat “Zeebrugge” having finished its job, backed up into it. At the container terminal in the background, you can see the container vessel “MSC Brianna”. Since I find the colors too much I also converted this shot into a black and white picture but left featured image colored so you can see the difference.

Anchoring in a foggy night

The other picture shot was during anchoring. You can see the crew busy at the anchor winch. They are not more than silhouettes but you can clearly see that one of them is holding a flashlight to see what he’s doing. I like the atmosphere in this shot. The murky dark foreground and the haziness of the deck lights on the forecastle are giving this picture a kind of mystical appearance. It doesn’t always work out this way, most of the times I don’t like the yellowish and orange color casts caused by the Natrium-soda lamps.