IR Photography

I have a few cameras and one of them is a Sigma Merill DP1 which I had laying on a shelf without using it.

After reading some articles about rebuilding your camera to an infrared camera, I took out my soldering set and miniature screwdrivers and started rebuilding my DP1. Finally, I succeeded and started to experiment with it.


The first things I needed were filters since I removed the IR blocking filter from the sensor. After also experimenting with those, I now seem to have something working.

Post processing

I shoot in raw on the Sigma, which can only be converted to jpeg or tiff. I need to work on the files afterward so I convert to tiff, then process it in photoshop where I still need to do a lot of processing on them.

The photos are completely red (I left one red so you see what I mean) and can only be converted to black and white. Green is totally blocked by the IR filter, leaving it white in black in white with sometimes stunning results. I say sometimes stunning but that goes for the die-hards since I still have to get a shot that beautiful. Although I must say that I am very pleased with the results so far as you can see in this post.