This year I visited Elfia at the castle Ter Haar in Haarzuilen, the Netherlands.

Although people were dressed beautifully at this Elfia costume event and did great efforts to get it the atmosphere right, I thought it was way too crowded and after standing in a queue for more than an hour, I already had a negative mindset when entering the area and was not really inspired to take some shots. At the end I did but I left early and had a bit of a hangover afterward. Most probably this will be the last time for me.  The weather was cold and a bit wet.

Anyway, a quote from the Elfia site: 

“You’ll never dream alone! That’s what we call fantasy: sharing your dreams with others. We do that on our events which can’t be called events anymore. They actually developed into a fantasy country where everybody can bring his or her dreams to life. With respect to each other.