The moment I felt closest to nature was when observing dolphins.

It happened when I was the third mate on a heavy lift vessel passing south of Sri Lanka. It was night and the weather was still and soundless while I was on watch in the night time with the bridge on the bow. The bow wave and wake were glowing with bioluminescent bacteria. Even fish which were escaping at the front of the bow left an illuminating trail, greenish and spooky. While I was observing this, all of a sudden I saw them; dolphins. Not in a group of 10 or 20 as always but separately hunting for fish and leaving illuminating trails as well. This was a once in a lifetime experience, I never saw it again and I am afraid I will never witness it again. But until the day of today, I can still recall that experience and feel special because of it.

From that moment on I had a deep connection with dolphins and I will never grow old enough to get tired in watching and loving them.

Since then, I shot hundreds of pictures of them and it stays extremely difficult to picture them in the way I want. Too many factors are out of control, they are moving fast and there is never enough light, making the “luck” factor of great influence on success. 

Having the best shot still to come, here I post a few of the more recent ones of them in one place in the hope to show you some of the love I feel for these magnificent creatures.